Space planning to maximise value

One of the questions we are continually asked is how much space do we need?

‘Space Planning’ is arguably the most vital part to creating or refurbishing an office. Below we have listed the various ways in which, through clever design and space planning strategies, you too can maximise the value of your space.

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Incorporate agile spaces

Whether your office is highly collaborative or independent, incorporating spaces that are agile and versatile is central to accommodating a cohesive and interactive environment. Create an agile space using moveable furniture in shared spaces that can be reconfigured to suit your office needs; or use multi-purpose furniture such as stand-up meeting tables that double as breakout benches.

Krost ‘Mix’ customisable seating blocks and cushions.

Future proofing

To ‘future proof’ your business, consider how your business growth may increase over time – how your staffing structure may change and what accompanying technology requirements you may require. Future proofing ensures your space will grow proportionate with your business, and that you allow for potential growth in staff while minimising the need for relocation. One way to future proof your office is by leaving space for additional workstations and to temporarily fill those spaces with moveable furniture.

Ask questions

Clients often forget to ask their staff for feedback, after all, your staff are the main end-users of the workspace. Content staff members working in a well-organised and structured environment are more likely to be productive, and the feedback gained may assist in value-adding and maximising the use of available space. Ask staff to suggest ways they think may enhance the overall day-to-day performance of the office, or how functional changes may improve personal productivity. Observation of the workflow during peak and non-peak periods may also provide insight, with emphasis on shared or high-traffic areas, such as the kitchen and quiet areas.

Do a Test Plan

A 2D Test Plan may facilitate an exploration of current options and enable a mock-up of an efficient arrangement of space. You may discover that your team needs more space, or what you had in mind is not necessarily consistent with staff suggestions.

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