& Conversion

SCEGGS Redlands

Project Specifications

Project Duration
3 stages over 6 months (Occupied Site)

RBG has completed the following three stages of work at the SCECGS
Redlands school. The works included:

  • Conversion of an existing single story dwelling to a commercial workshop for the school facilities manager. Works involved partial
    demolition of the existing building and construction of 130m2, slab on ground, brick veneer extension.
  • Refurbishment and conversion of existing residential apartment buildings at 7 and 8 Monford Place to music classrooms and staff offices.
  • Demolition of existing building at no 1 Gerard Street and construction of a hard stand and access way into the site ready for installation of new temporary classrooms.
  • Commissioning of the temporary classrooms including electrical, fire and hydraulic services.
  • Demolition of four buildings (3,5,7 and 9 Gerard Street) including removal and clearing of the vegetation on the site.
  • These works were completed while the school remained occupied and involved regular coordination with the school management.