Incorporate creativity into your workplace

Incorporating creativity into your workplace doesn’t necessarily mean large splashes of bold colours or feature walls of quirky graphics, although these can be effective additions. It doesn’t have to be a complete makeover resulting in the next Google or Facebook workplace. Nor does it need to be a costly exercise.

Embracing creativity is about applying imagination to your workspace in a way that suits your culture, your people and your unique brand values. If your workplace holds events in-house perhaps consider a pool table or bar area as these can double as a staff breakout space. If your workplace is a more formal ‘office’, perhaps consider incorporating reconfigurable boardroom furniture that can be gathered into a square boardroom table and can also be configured into rows, arches or circles to suit team meetings and training courses.

Start with simple changes such as incorporating collaborative spaces, grandstand seating, or simply a communal space where staff can escape their daily work grind.