Greenery in the Office

As our concrete jungles become increasingly more dense and we continue to spend more and more time in the office (our home away from home) we are often deprived of our instinctive connection with nature – biophilia.

This leaves us feeling disconnected with the outside world, which can result in reduced productivity and low team morale.

Benefits of greenery in the office.

Introducing greenery into the office has been proven to boost staff morale, help lower stress levels, improve air quality and aid in noise reduction; all of which may lead to an increase in productivity and an overall improved performance.

Green walls specifically, also known as living walls, have been documented to reduce energy consumption through the cooling effects of the plants and they can act as biofilters, purifying slightly polluted water.

Incorporating greenery into the office can also create a positive business image, representing an environmentally conscious brand and a company who is invested in the general health and well-being of their staff. Plants in common areas noticeable to visitor’s assist in creating a welcoming atmosphere and often subliminally, creating a warm, homely environment for incoming guests.

Real versus artificial trees and plants

There are benefits to integrating both real and artificial trees and plants into the office environment with the choice depending on factors such as the individual workplaces’ aesthetic and budgetary requirements.

Real or ‘living’ plants will provide acoustic benefits aiding in noise reduction, air and water purification and space savings benefits. Real plants serve as a unique and distinctive ‘living’ form of artwork for a contemporary aesthetic right in your very office.

Artificial trees and plants present the same warm, welcoming and design-savvy outcome without the associated maintenance. Artificial plants provide a robust, low cost and low maintenance solution, which have the additional benefit of being far more easily transported as compared to real plants.

If you’re looking for a subtle, cost effective and low-maintenance approach to greenery in your workplace, why not consider the use of artificial trees and plants in your office?

How to incorporate greenery into your office

Whether real or artificial, the options for incorporating greenery into your workplace are endless. Installations can range from a small introduction of individual pot plants placed around the office, on workstations or in ‘dead spaces’; through to feature ‘green wall’ installations, panels and dividing walls that can create a visually striking impact in your lobby or reception area.

As an alternative to installing acoustic panels or building new walls within your office, perhaps consider a greenery wall of pot plants such as those designed and installed by RBG Services for TRAK Recruiting at their Sydney CBD office. These offer an efficient, cost-effective and visually appealing solution to divide areas within your office whilst providing that much-needed connection to nature.