Feature Ceilings in the Office

When designing your new workspace, embracing the opportunity to improve the look and functionality of all surfaces, including the ceiling, can have a huge impact on the final design.

feature ceiling can not only add to the overall aesthetic of your workspace but it can assist to manage acoustics, maximise lighting and create a sense of space. Through your design, a feature ceiling can be an exciting way to express your unique culture, team and brand. The common ceiling types include:

Grid Ceilings

Grid ceilings are the most common type of ceiling used in offices and for a good reason – they are versatile, cost effective and are in ready supply. Grid ceilings comprise a ‘grid’ where ‘tiles’ are installed. The tiles are easy to remove and replace and they allow for easy service, installation and maintenance. With standard tile dimensions, grid and tile suspended ceilings prove the most efficient ceiling option.

Acoustic tiles, as part of a grid and tile suspended ceiling, can also maximise sound absorption and are an effective insulator, whilst adding an exciting visual and textural element. Consider incorporating coloured and textured tiles to stand out with your brand.

Set Ceiling

A ‘set’ or plasterboard ceiling can be installed as an alternative to a conventional grid ceiling, or fitted in specific areas as a feature ceiling. Set ceilings offer a clean, streamline look with an impressive acoustic attenuation and endless options for lighting. A set ceilingcan also be installed at different heights to create a visually dynamic space or with a shadow line or an aluminum angle.

Exposed Ceilings

With the structural and mechanical services visible, exposed ceilings are a hot trend for office workspaces. Typically, the services are painted with the cabling tied and arranged in racks for a neater exposed look. Exposed ceilings offer more options with lighting and lend themselves to the on-trend industrial concept.

Architectural Ceilings

Architectural ceilings are often constructed from slat panels in a variety of sustainable timbers, metals and acoustic materials and these earthy textures add warmth and dimension to an office environment. Acoustic fabrics can be installed above the timber slats to conceal the services and to add an acoustic element to the ceiling. Slat panels are stocked in a variety of shapes, sizes and timber finishes but are completely customisable to suit your individual design. Individual slats are notched to fit together and offer an easy installation. Architectural ceilings can add the unique wow factor that you are searching for to include in your feature workspace.