Environmentally Sustainable Design

Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) is the comprehensive eco-friendly and environmentally conscious approach to the design of functional space. As an age-old concept, Environmentally Sustainable Design prevents further environmental degradation and creates habitable, safe and productive built environments.

The benefits of incorporating an Environmentally Sustainable Design into your workplace include improved air and water quality, increased energy efficiency, improved staff productivity and an overall reduction in your team’s environmental impact. A common misconception is that incorporating an Environmentally Sustainable Design, or, in fact anything ‘green’ can be costly. On the contrary, a huge benefit of an Environmentally Sustainable Design is that is can be a more cost-effective and, oftentimes, an on-trend alternative for consideration when designing your new office fit out.

Achieving an environmentally sustainable design for your next office fit out may be achieved by utilising the following elements:

Air Quality
The implementation of natural greenery and natural ventilation can improve air quality by lowering pollutants. Providing temperature controls throughout your office can also result in improved thermal comfort for your employees.

The use of natural lighting through windows, doorways and, where possible, skylights reduces energy consumption and running costs associated with artificial lighting. Consider design alternatives to manage the intake of heat and glare. This will not only ensure that a comfortable working environment is maintained for your team, but may also negate the need for costly heating or cooling.

The introduction of materials that are lightweight, recyclable and durable – such as bamboo and cotton – can provide cost-effective environmentally sustainable solutions that are also readily available.

Complete your design with versatile and adaptable furniture such as modular pieces that can be reupholstered, reused or multi-purposed. Opt for pieces that are classic and neutral, avoiding seasonal trends that may quickly become dated.

An Environmentally Sustainable Design may begin with the initial design concept, but it takes an ongoing team effort within your workplace to ensure that the design remains functional and effective. This may be achieved by fostering environmentally sustainable values within your team and beyond, through the introduction of office recycling programs, encouraging the use of end-of-trip facilities when riding to work, or perhaps carpooling for those living in neighbouring communities.

With our Integrated Management System and externally-certified Environmental Policy, ISO 14001:2015, RBG Services’ environmental objectives are to:

  • Repurpose de-fit furniture by donating to local hospitals and schools
  • Specify environmentally friendly materials on Design and Construct projects
  • Suggest changes to specifications to environmentally friendly materials and products
  • Reduce – Reuse – Recycle throughout the office and site environments.
  • To find out more about an Environmentally Sustainable Design for your upcoming office fit out, contact us today.

To find out more about an Environmentally Sustainable Design for your upcoming office fit out, contact us today.